logo@1.5xIt’s the day after our launch event and the nuggets of inspiration and insight are just settling in… Be hard on the issues, not the people dealing with them is good advice for those of us committed to making the workplace safer each and every day… as Loretta Bouwmeester said to a room of over 80 female health and safety professionals at the launch of Women in Occupational Health and Safety Society (WOHSS).

Be hard on the issues, not the people resonated with me… I’ve been there done that!  My passion for the work has often driven me to push hard on those who are in most cases doing the best they can.   A mantra I’ve often repeated in my work that Oprah said – “you go with what you know until you know better.”  This has always stuck with me as I’ve pushed hard to resolve issues from the past, learn from them and move on.

WOHSS is a membership organization with a goal to provide other female safety professionals with education, mentorship, networking sessions, workshops, speaker series and to provide connection to the health and safety community.  Our vision is for WOHSS to make a measurable difference in the lives of women working, or wanting to work, in the Health and Safety profession in Alberta and across Canada. Our launch event yesterday was the beginning of that journey. IMG_1248

WOHSS is a grassroots organization founded by a group of professional women working in various industry sectors in the health and safety field. WOHSS is a membership organization with a goal to provide other female safety professionals with a mentorship program, networking sessions, workshops, events, and speaker series.

In her presentation, Loretta also talked about influence and inspiring those around us to do better, to always improve.  To learn from our mistakes and to never give up.  Although at times the road may be hard and discouraging it’s worth the effort.  WOHSS is a safe place to come and share ideas with like minded professionals and lean in to each other when dealing with those tough situations in our workplaces.

When the panel was asked what advice would you would give to your younger self?  The answers were varied and inspirational.  Wendy Wilson – Mentorship and Outreach Programs,  said leading safety can be like tall poppies in the grass, some people will always want to mow you down…she also said to create conditions for success.  335383e5-c02e-4c9f-acff-cd6620b433c6-originalThose in your organizations will get overwhelmed and perhaps discouraged by the progress being made, so it’s important to celebrate how far you’ve come and what has been achieved.  And more importantly, as Hollie Elke – Technical Question Coordinator said, you must always model the way if you want people’s behaviours to change.   So let’s now all “go with what we know until we know better.”  Looking forward to the next event.

If you’d like to join our organization, please visit our website at WOHSS.   We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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